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Racing Presidents: The Washington Nationals' Beloved Mascots

These fan favorites are goofy, wily and decidedly undignified.

The Washington Nationals play a “mean” ball game, but the fiercest competition may come in the fourth inning when five towering, top-heavy mascots take the field.

The Racing Presidents sprint and sometimes cheat (yes, even Honest Abe) their way to the finish line. After eight seasons, Abe claims the most victories, while mishap-prone Teddy Roosevelt lost 500-plus races before finally scoring a win in 2012.

Stephen Strasburg
Star pitcher Stephen Strasburg (©Brooke Sabin)

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson triumph too, as does William Howard Taft, who joined the gang last year in an inspired move by management. (The actual Taft, who tipped the scales at 330 pounds, started the tradition of a ceremonial first pitch.)

The bodies beneath the bobbleheads? Fans who made the cut after demonstrating their speed, victory poses and, most importantly, ability to avoid toppling over in the slightest breeze.

Nationals Park
State-of-the-Art Nationals Park (©Brooke Sabin)

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