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Rising Stars

For a dozen years, curator Jamie Smith has done what some of the most avid art collectors like to do—scope out the recent art-school grads. For her “Academy 2012” exhibition at Conner Contemporary Art, she shows 21 recent MFAs and BFAs, whose work ranges from archival ink-jet prints, drawings and videos to a painting shot with bullets and installations using such unlikely materials as vinyl flooring and boxes, squeegees and Windex.

Fantasies and staged scenarios inspire the surreal interiors of Ali Miller, her “Fly on the Wall” pictured. Miller says, “The montage-like compositions, energetic rhythms and dream logic in my work call to mind popular music videos.”

Through Aug. 18, www.connercontemporary.com. 1358 Florida Ave. NE, 202.588.8750

Note: Galleries and antiques shops keep irregular hours in August, and many close for several weeks this month. Call to confirm

Jean Lawlor Cohen