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My Washington: A Q&A With Blogger Pamela Sorensen

A chat with the founder of Pamela’s Punch, a blog chronicling the city’s movers and shakers

A career in the corporate world led Sorensen to the charity circuit and its many glittering events. So, she began documenting her glamorous nightlife online, launching Pamela’s Punch. Today, it’s the go-to blog for getting the scoop on local influencers, art and culture. Sorensen chats with us about blogging, D.C.’s nightlife and her travel style.

You’ve expanded to L.A. and New York. Biggest challenge to growing?

Understanding how each market is different. What readers in each market value and even what they’d support financially aren’t the same in D.C., L.A. or N.Y.C. We have to place ourselves in their shoes. It’s not a cookie-cutter business.

How has blogging changed since you began?

It’s a big business now. Social networking has amped up everyone’s ability to become an “online personality.” People are writing more and sharing interesting, provocative content, including photos and videos. On my own blog, profiles of great people and personal essays are shared more. It’s about finding subject matter that resonates with readers.

What’s next for your site?

We just changed our format to focus predominately on the people who make D.C. (and each market) special. We are ramping up a lot of interviews with fascinating individuals. We are also inviting guest-bloggers from all over and I’m pumping out my “From the Founder” column 3-5 times a month. We also have a secret project launching this summer. More to come on that later! 

How has D.C. changed since you started your blog?

With the exception of White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, the habit of attending multiple events nightly has jumped the shark. My peers are more interested in curating a list of meaningful functions, many of which support fellow professionals. Many are hosting dinner parties at new restaurants or private cocktail soirees with an author. The scene is still vibrant but mature and manageable.

What do you love most about the area?

I love the spring and fall. When we get out of winter or a humid summer, it’s like falling in love all over again with the city.

Washington, D.C.'s Logan Circle/14th St. neighborhood at sundown
Logan Circle/14th St. (©Ted Eytan, Flickr)

Favorite neighborhood?

I just adopted a puppy, so I’m exploring neighborhoods with dog-friendly businesses—14th Street/Logan Circle and North Arlington.

Advice for first-time visitors?

Ask, ask, ask. This area is really dynamic. What was hot yesterday may be closed or not in vogue today. Tour by neighborhood, and stay off the roads and Metro during rush hour if you can. Bike and walk. D.C. is such a pedestrian-friendly town, why not take advantage?

Your travel style?

As simple as I can make it; streamlined and alone. I’m very independent and feel best when making my own schedule on my own terms.

Favorite outfit for the road?

Under Armour black leggings, Tieks Italian ballet flats, a light sweater with a tank underneath and either a soft cotton or cashmere scarf for cooler temps on the plane. Sunglasses and maybe a Goorin Bros. hat or baseball cap if my hair has a life of its own. I always have a big leather travel bag to hold my iPad, headphones, makeup, wallet, smart phone and water bottle.

If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?

I’d love to go back to Essaouira, Morocco. I’m a water lover. The heat, sand, casual elegance, architecture, cuisine, and warm-hearted people of this old world artisan town, where kite surfers come from all over the world has the kind of rustic beauty I could get used to.

Where are you going next?

I’m itching for a beach. All I need is water, a breeze, wine, good food and my books and magazines. And an amazing bed. I have some major Zs to catch up on.