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Jay Peterzell's Art at Washington's Foundry Gallery

Artist Jay Peterzell dispalys his bold, figurative works at Dupont Circle's Foundry Gallery

For a taste of the D.C. art scene, head to the Dupont Circle area to see the works of Jay Peterzell. Peterzell, a member of Foundry Gallery, shows in this space atop a former Dupont Circle carriage house. "Woman in a Feathered Hat" (pictured) typifies his paintings and drawings—figurative and in eye-popping color.

Media range from pastel on paper and charcoal (male and female nudes) to latex or oil on canvas. Abstraction factors too yet less often, suggesting the artist’s multiple paths. A year ago he showed “Paintings After Hitler,” works that spun off actual art by that frustrated draftsman. Peterzell sees humanizing Hitler as a defensive action, so we “recognize him when we meet him.” No surprise that this former TIME magazine writer relates political history—the banality of evil—to personal expression.

"Woman in a Feathered Hat" by Jay Peterzell
"Woman in a Feathered Hat" by Jay Peterzell, on view at the Foundry Gallery (Courtesy Jay Peterzell)