Craft & Cuisine: A Tribute to Tapas in D.C.

Spain's artful exhibition of design inspired by the phenom of small plates

Gracias, Spain, for tapas, elegant “small plates” that turned our heavy American meals into “tastings.” A free exhibition (through March 23, 2014) at the Spanish Office Showroom, a former ambassadorial residence, illuminates the impact of that culinary trend on even wider creative forces. Per “Kitchen,” “Table,” “Food” and “Wine,” 200 showpieces reflect tradition, function and the ingenuity of Latin chefs and millennial designers. China by Sandra Bautista graces the dining-foosball table created by mega-star chef José Andrés for his restaurant Jaleo. Tapas: Spanish Design for Food celebrates a mutual passion: turning unusual and raw materials into objects of utility and beauty.

Spanish design exhibit on view through March 23, 2014. (Courtesy Apartment Zero)