Thai Escape

Fairfax’s Chaan Thai Yoga Therapy “is best described as taking a vacation to Thailand without leaving the metropolitan area,” according to president and general manager Nid Tositrakul. In “typical Thai salon settings” of dark woods and warm tones, guests enjoy Thai Yoga Therapy techniques reputedly developed more than 2,500 years ago in India by the physician to the Buddha. Early in its evolution, the practice found its way to Southeast Asia, where monks incorporated the practice into indigenous Thai medicine. (The Thai, like many others in the Orient, often view illness as an imbalance of body, mind and spirit.)

Today some refer to Thai Yoga Massage as the “lazy-man’s yoga,” because the practitioner positions and manipulates the client so that “benefits are realized without the perceived exertion.” This practice uses pressure points, compression and muscle stretching and claims to improve flexibility and stimulate blood circulation. Staffers at Chaan Thai Yoga Therapy have all graduated from Wat Pho, an internationally recognized school for Thai massage. Nid, who practiced the traditional art on his parents as a child, says, “Chaan Thai incorporates my pride in Thai traditions and history, my experiences as a massage client and practitioner, my business education and my spiritual strengths and training.” Visit for information on massage services plus personalized yoga and meditation classes.

8300 Arlington Blvd., Suite C3, Fairfax, Va., 703.846.8228