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Victoria serves as the editor for South Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach), Tampa Bay and Southwest Florida for Where. A native Miamian who has had her bags packed since she got her passport at seven months old, Victoria has also lived and worked throughout the United States. “Traveling has been a very eye opening experience. Whether exploring my own backyard or road-tripping up and down the Eastern seaboard, learning about other places has been magical.” Follow her on Twitter @Flvickster.

Victoria’s Take on Miami: Is it terrible to say the weather is amazing! But seriously, where else can you see migrants or immigrants arrive by land or sea and rise to become CEO’s of banks and power players of industry. There’s an entrepreneurial spirit and diversity of cultures that guides everything about Miami—every one does their own thing here. And when the day is over and the weekend rolls around, you’ll find them at the beach, one of a dozen events held daily, or sipping on a cocktail at some du jour bar of the moment—it’s very Miami.

Most memorable travel experience: Traveling to Machu Pichu, Peru. My family is from Peru. It was rainy and I got altitude sickness, but it was worth the flight, bitter coca tea, train ride and hike to reach the sundial. I was awestruck by this wonder of the world.   

Last notable trip: Panama. This trip was definitely on the bucket list because I had been fascinated by the construction of the Panama Canal for awhile. Seeing the ships go through the locks did not disappoint. Visiting the biodiversity museum, the local cuisine (seafood, stews with rice and beans) and sightseeing around the main drag were a fun time.

Place you always return to visit: Washington D.C. and Chicago. I lived in D.C. and I find it to be a place where I learn something new every single time I visit. I love the dining scene and checking out a new exhibit at the Smithsonian museums. Chicago is magical during the winter—and one of the few times I can break out the winter gear!