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Stacy Booth

Current city: 
Phinney Ridge neighborhood in Seattle
Cold Spring, MN


Stacy serves as the Seattle editor for Where. When she isn’t fine-tuning sentences or exploring her own city, she’s running the world’s streets and parks, having discovered signing up for road races is a great excuse for both travel and sampling pasta around the world. Follow her on Twitter as @letterbranch and on Instagram as @letterbranch.

Stacy’s Take on Seattle: I love the landscape in Seattle: The line between concrete and forest is blurred here. There are parks and trees everywhere, and the weather is so mild that I can be outside to enjoy it year-round. I love that so much of the city is walkable. From my house, I can walk to the grocery store, the hardware store, restaurants, bars, shopping—anything I might need. Much of that is because Seattle is a city of neighborhoods, and each one has its own distinct personality. Across the board, I think Seattleites are very creative people. We have so much support for the arts here, and locals are doing really interesting things across all art forms. Also, even though the city is growing rapidly, it remains so relaxed and in many ways, carefree.

Most memorable travel experience: I went to Kauai, Hawaii, in March 2012, when the island experienced record-setting storms. The trip included flash floods, friends stranded at the airport, closed roads, leaking roofs, a very memorable rat in the house, an even more memorable pants-less neighbor with a machete, missed flights home—I will never forget that trip.

Last notable trip: I recently went to Victoria, British Columbia, to run their half marathon. Victoria is a gorgeous city with the charm of Europe, and is so easy to get to from Seattle. The race went along the coastline, making it one of the most beautiful runs I’ve participated in. There is also amazing food, great boutiques and fun bars and pubs.

Place you always return to visit: I love Hawaii, and wish I could go more often. It never fails to completely relax and recharge me.