Sarah serves as San Diego editor for Where. As a self-confessed travel junkie and French fry connoisseur, she has called San Diego home for 15 years. When she’s not resisting the urge to edit restaurant menus, she’s jogging off calories along the downtown waterfront with her beloved pit bull Gigi at her side. Follow her on Twitter as @SweetSarahBelle and on Instagram as @Sarah_Daoust.

Sarah’s Take on San Diego: It’s home to the most fabulous weather, tacos, sushi, pizza, craft beer and beaches in the country—not necessarily in that order. I’m spoiled rotten by this city—can’t picture living anywhere else.

Most memorable travel experience: I spent the fall of 2011 volunteering in Hohoe, Ghana. I taught kindergarten at an orphanage, where the “classroom” was an overhang outside propped up with wooden poles. I remember the sweltering heat, spiders larger than my hand, dirt pits that served as restrooms, vipers slithering along the road, and being desperately homesick at times. But mostly I remember the lifelong friends I made and the many beautiful children who taught me on a daily basis. I was really the student. Their smiles, intelligence and ability to find joy in the simplest of things, such as kicking around a deflated soccer ball, were my whole world.

Last notable trip: A safari trip to Kenya with my husband and both old and new friends. Lions, elephants, leopards and five-star butler service in the middle of the bush.

Place you always return to visit: Maui. My mom lives there. I was married on the beach in front of the famed Mama’s Fish House, which is also my favorite restaurant in the world. I've been to Maui at least 20 times, and there are still things I haven’t done—beaches I haven’t explored, restaurants I haven’t yet tried, etc. And whale season there is downright magical. 

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