Kimberly serves as the Phoenix+Scottsdale, Tucson and Colorado associate editor for Where. She is a runner, writer, traveler, foodie and beer and wine enthusiast. “I like to stay healthy and explore the great outdoors while indulging once in awhile in the innovative food and beverage scenes both in my city and across the globe.”

Kimberly’s Take on Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson and Colorado:

Phoenix+Scottsdale: Spring training season, warm winters, the running and hiking scene, the beautiful mountains, the Central Phoenix area, and the local restaurants.

Tucson: The outdoors scene, the museums (Titan Missile Museum, Pima Air & Space, Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum), the local food scene

Colorado: The amazing scenery, the running and outdoors lifestyle, friendly people, the City Park and Capitol Hill neighborhoods of Denver, Denver’s city parks, the mountain towns

Most memorable travel experience: I spent 21 days in Peru just after graduating college. I went with a tour group and we traveled through Lima, Arequipa, the Colca Canyon, Cuzco, the Amazon and several other cities, and were immersed in Peruvian culture through homestays, cuisine and experiences. Three hours atop Machu Picchu is unlike any experience I’ve every encountered—mystical, magical, and just plain beautiful!  

Last notable trip: Last summer, my boyfriend ran TransRockies Run—a three-day ultra-marathon through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I drove along from point-to-point as his support and was able to partake in some trail running at stops in Buena Vista and Leadville. Before and after the run, we spent time with friends in Colorado Springs and Denver, enjoying the city’s summer weather and visiting plenty of my favorite parks and eateries from when I used to live there.

Place you always return to visit: Upstate New York. Though I haven’t lived there since I was seven, I enjoy visiting my extended family, taking a drive through Fairport and by my old house, staying at my grandma’s out in the country, attending a Buffalo Bills game, spending a few days at my grandparents’ old home (which my aunt still owns) on Cayuga Lake, wine tasting and eating as much Abbott’s Frozen Custard as I can. 


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