Jessica serves as the Philadelphia editor for Where. Hailing from sunny South Florida, Jessica found herself itching for the city life and made the move to Philadelphia right after college. After years of exploring and getting to know the City of Brotherly Love, she enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise with others.

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Jessica’s Take on Philadelphia: I love that Philly is a small town inside a big city. On any given day, you’ll see a friendly face walking down Walnut Street or having a bite to eat in Midtown Village. Everything is so walkable and even after years of living here, I still find myself discovering new restaurants, attractions and neighborhoods. Although it’s a city that definitely sleeps (thankfully), it’s a city that doesn’t stop growing, either—Every time I think I've seen it all, a handful of new restaurants and sky rises pop up. It’s definitely earning all the recent “Best Place to Visit” titles and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Most memorable travel experience: Costa Rica. I went with my family when I was a bit younger. We stayed in a cabin in the middle of the rainforest with monkeys as our closest living neighbor, went river rafting and saw some amazing wildlife. If you want to feel more connected with nature, I suggest adding Costa Rica to your must-visit list.

Last notable trip: Rhode Island. My mom grew up there and I had never seen it myself, so we took a road trip from Philly. It was such a beautiful place—the beaches in Newport were breathtaking, even on a windy, brisk day in November—and instantly calming, I can’t wait to go back for a longer stay (and some more coffee milk and lobster rolls). 

Place you always return to visit: Florida. Yes, I am from there, but it’s definitely a nice perk when your entire family lives in paradise. Anytime I have a free extended weekend, I find myself hopping on a plane and heading to West Palm Beach. My mom recently moved to Stuart, so I get to discover a whole new area a bit North of where I grew up. Florida is amazing how much it changes from town to town—a lively city quickly turns into a sleepy fishing town in just a 45-minute drive. Plus, escaping the northeast winters never hurts. 


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