A native Charlestonian, Emily was born and raised in a multigenerational family steeped in the Holy City’s history. Growing up in historic downtown on the cusp of its 1980s tourist boom, as a young girl she was immersed in the quaint allure that today’s traveler yearns to discover—from clockwork church bells tolling narrow alleyways and carriage horse hooves clopping rutted cobblestone streets, to architectural astonishments spanning picturesque peninsula properties and sprawling country estates. Her memories and experiences lend uncanniness to her authentic affection for all things Charleston.

As Digital Publisher of WhereTraveler® Charleston, she brings 30+ years of business and travel writing, marketing, and sales to the returning legacy Where® brand, eagerly embracing the opportunity to showcase the Lowcountry.

“I’m passionate about connecting people with my amazing hometown by featuring real experiences from a local’s perspective—not just where to eat the best She Crab soup, or find coveted souvenirs; rather, what little known fact sheds new light on history, where can you see the things that make you feel you’re a part of it and not just passing through. I’m equally committed to fostering community, cultivating inclusivity and sensitively exposing historical transparency. Charleston is indeed an amazing place, and its foundational history is only now coming to full light. I’m honored to be a part of it.”   

When she’s not writing, editing, researching or managing the Charleston site, she enjoys visiting her extended family, yoga, reading, movies, kayaking, strolling or biking the peninsula, checking out the many downtown restaurants and rooftops bars, or dancing at High Cotton to her favorite live musical duet, ‘Giuseppe & Adriana.’

You can chat with her at emily@wheretraveler.com, or on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Articles by Emily Benedict