A regular contributor to WHERE Philadelphia on chic finds in Philly, Doreen Creede has been crazy about style and stories her entire life. 

As a girl, Doreen could most often be found scribbling tales, rearranging her room, reading under the covers till dawn, and searching for that perfect pair of party shoes.  It's not surprising she went on to star on HGTV, work with emerging fashion brands, write for magazines, and champion literacy causes.  Equally enthusiastic about her hometown, Doreen was recently named one of the XIX Most Fashionable Women in Philadelphia, an honor recognizing fashion, philanthropy and support of the city.

Doreen also shares her passions and expertise on her Style Maniac lifestyle blog and sites, where she offers captivating posts, insider perks and easy tips on how to live every day with style and joy. 

Join the fun:  follow Doreen on Twitter @thestylemaniac and Instagram @stylemaniac, then pop over to  stylemaniac.com for a sunny dose of style, ideas and inspiration.

Articles by Doreen Creede