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David Lancaster

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St. Louis, MO
St. Louis, MO


David Lancaster has been editor of Where St. Louis for closing in on 29 years, during which time he has seen the city add a formidable collection of major attractions to its roster of world-class institutions. An accomplished artist and photographer, he has shown his work in galleries in St. Louis, Chicago and San Francisco and serves on the board of a professional dance company.

David’s Take on St. Louis: Forest Park, Missouri Botanical Garden, the Gateway Arch, all the free attractions, our network of bike trails, our thriving art/music/theater scene, our baseball heritage and our world-class but largely unheralded barbecue

Most memorable traveling experience: In college I enlisted as an actor/playwright for a seat-of-its-pants theater company that performed commedia in St. Louis, Washington D.C., New York and Italy. We earned passage on the cruise ship Rafaello by performing in an acoustically impaired theater vibrating above the engine room. We paused, as cruises do, in Malta, Majorca, and Palermo before docking in Naples, where we rented vans in which to crash the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto. There we enacted snippets of our play, “The Three Cuckolds,” in the street to largely indifferent crowds on their way to more professional entertainment. It was fun, somewhat harrowing and completely unforgettable. 

Last notable trip: My wife and I visited New York not long ago to see two of our daughters, Brooklynites now, and let them be our guides as we tromped through museums, Central Park, the High Line and Williamsburg. It ended way too quickly.

Place you always return to: It’s been years since my last visit, but I just can’t get enough of Italy—the medieval hill towns, the glory of Florence, the campo in Siena, the flea market in Rome and the ethereal strangeness of Venice. Plus, the place is crawling with Italians—what’s not to like?