A native of Charleston, Bernie grew up in a quite rural setting, surrounded by Shem Creek, tall pines, horses, and a few dirt roads. Always one for the outdoors, there was not much that could keep him from exploring all that surrounded and took hold of his imagination. Fishing, hunting, and hiking have always led his to the place he most sought. The need to find, uncover, and share have all played a part in who he is today, a storyteller at heart.

Through the platform as Digital Publisher for WhereTraveler Charleston, he can now share all that he has learned and all that he continues to discover. Through a career spanning over 35 years in commercial real estate he brings that experience to the sales and marketing of Where.

 The thought of having this opportunity to be able to share with visitors and locals all that is the Lowcountry is very exciting. There are still many individuals who hold unique perspectives about the area, my wish is to allow them a voice. With so much history, architecture, and cuisine, there is a tale to be told of how the Lowcountry came to be a most sought-after destination, my goal is to tell that story. Through the eyes of a native, someone who possesses a keen desire to let others see this town and everything she must give. 

Beyond work, he spends his time cooking for friends, family, and the occasional large gathering. Spending time on the water, in the small creeks, or finding time to work on a shrimp boat offshore, all re-enforce why Charleston is home.  He is exploring, not only his Lowcountry, but seeking to uncover the next story, attach the personalities and pass them along.

Bernie can be reached at bernie@wheretraveler.com

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