Aurora serves as Miami, Tampa Bay and Southwest Florida editor for Where. Being born on a tropical island was wonderful, yet she grew up always hoping to see the world outside of being surrounded by the ocean. She left the island 11 years ago and has tried to travel as much as possible ever since. Follow her on Twitter as @AuroraMiami and on Instagram as @AuroraLydia.

Aurora’s Take on Tampa Bay, Miami and Southwest Florida: I love Miami’s art deco buildings, Wynwood arts district, its multicultural environment and the fact that everyone is welcome in the city. Tampa Bay has a lovely arts scene, especially in St. Petersburg, and also boasts gorgeous beaches such as Clearwater Beach. My favorite city in Southwest Florida is Naples, which boasts an upbeat and quaint downtown, with the best sunsets you’ll ever see from Naples. Fort Lauderdale offers exceptional dining in Las Olas plus sparkling beaches and Palm Beach County showcases its history with its museums and upscale shopping destination Worth Ave.

Most memorable travel experience: Visiting St. Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean with my husband. The trip included a catamaran ride and my first time snorkeling. I’ll never forget the rush I felt as I saw the lovely sea life all around me and I am glad I took the plunge.

Last notable trip: Cancun, Mexico and Isla Mujeres. I really love Mexico and find that the hospitality there is fantastic, the people are super friendly and the food is amazing...have a nice margarita there and definitely some ceviche! The beaches in Cancun feature bright blue colors and white sands...the type you dream of.

Place you always return to visit: Besides my native San Juan, Puerto Rico, I can never get enough of New York City! There’s something about visiting the Big Apple that makes me feel fulfilled and I love the museums, the dining and the different areas and personalities that you encounter. Lately I have stayed in Brooklyn and I adore visiting Williamsburg and I can never leave without making a pit stop at Brooklyn Brewery.


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