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Anne Kim-Dannibale

Current city: 
Navy Yard, Washington, D.C.
Los Angeles, CA


Anne serves as the Washington, D.C. senior editor for Where. “I escaped law school to become a journalist almost 20 years ago and have never regretted it.” After spending a few years covering crime, government squabbles and quirky personalities for local papers in California, she moved on to magazines, launching lifestyle title for Asian American women in 2003. “I think the best part of travel is choosing where you’ll go next. There’s so much excitement in learning all about a far-flung locale, planning what you’ll eat and what you’ll do, but most importantly, anticipating what memories you’ll bring home.” Follow her on Instagram as @ahkd.

Anne’s Take on D.C.: I love that D.C. is a bustling city in every sense but has small-town accessibility. At the same time, as our nation’s capital, it has cosmopolitan elegance. You can meet a diplomat, a deejay, a foreign policy expert or even a politician all in one night.

Most memorable travel experience: Trying not to cry at the magnificent sight of a whale in Bahia Magdalena, watching with wonder stingrays flying out of the water and swimming with playful sea lions off Isla Espiritu during a sailing trip around Baja California

Last notable trip: Exploring all the wonders of the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel in Rome, then hitting Pizzarium for unconventional pizza.

Place you always return to visit: Anywhere in Italy. It’s a magical country and I can’t get enough of the food.