Amanda served as the St. Louis associate editor and Indianapolis editor for Where. She is a Memphis native, a Florida passer-through, and for the last 15+ years, an enthusiastic transplant to St. Louis, where she and her husband raise their two kids. She enjoys trying to drink all the coffee in St. Louis.

Amanda’s Take on St. Louis: It’s the perfect size for a city: big enough that there’s always more happening on any given day than I could ever hope to take advantage of, but small enough that you can really get to know people, neighborhoods, scenes and communities.

Amanda’s Take on Indianapolis: I’ve been struck by how much hometown pride Hoosiers have in their city. There is a hum, a vitality, to the town that is immediately palpable, especially in the downtown and nearby neighborhoods. It’s a friendly place where residents and business owners love to celebrate each others’ successes.

Most memorable travel experience: A ski trip to Utah with my dad when a massive snowstorm closed the mountain pass we needed to get back through to get to the hotel from our Very Fancy Dinner (he was on a business trip, and I was a tagalong kid.) When it became clear that we weren’t leaving anytime soon, the grownups ordered a few more bottles of wine...and I had a second dessert: chocolate cake with Chantilly cream.

Last notable trip: Spring break trip to escape the frigid Midwestern winter and visit the in-laws in sunny Mesa, Arizona. We coordinated schedules so that my kids and my sister-in-law’s kids could overlap and soak up the grandparent attention, while we soaked up some sunshine and pool time.

The place I always return to visit: My aunt, cousin and I have been making an annual-ish trip to the Emerald Coast of Florida, starting in Destin, and migrating further east along 30-A since then. It’s nothing but sand, sun, the ocean, the pool, toasting the sunset, making dinner on the grill, digging endless holes on the beach and all the other unhurried activities that can fill up a day with total relaxation.

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