Vintage Savvy in Tucson

These four shops give even the most fashion savvy some vintage inspiration.

Bringing back fashion’s past is not just a temporary trend, it’s a here-to-stay style—a collaborative mix-match of retro, cool, chic, elegant, dress-up or dress-down collection of clothing. These pieces display character, a life-before-you-as-the-owner story. Cowboy-wear, decade-defined and glamour-guided—Tucson’s vintage clothing selection runs the gamut. These four shops give even the most fashion savvy some vintage inspiration.

How Sweet It Was Vintage

At How Sweet It Was Vintage, the oldies music playing in the background often fits the selection of vintage wear, occasionally separated by era. Collections range from men's ’80s short shorts and bowling league shirts, to Japanese dresses, Cleopatra-style attire, an impressive cowboy boot assortment and a vintage baby-wear section.

Buffalo Exchange & Buffalo Exchange Trading Post

The original Buffalo Exchange consignment concept, touting all decades of vintage and non-vintage apparel, is followed by the recent opening of Buffalo Exchange Trading Post. Catering to true Western-style seekers, the Cat Mountain Station shop collects an impressive selection of vintage cowboy and prairie-day clothing, Southwestern trinkets and household items are also found inside the bright and airy shop, including tableware, aprons and sometimes even a cast-iron waffle maker.

Desert Vintage

Fill your Wild-West-ensemble wish list at Desert Vintage. Men’s and women’s apparel and accessories range from turn-of-the-century to 1970s styles, inspiring creative-contemporary attire. The small boutique-style shop off of 4th Avenue draws in style-savvy shoppers and all types of interested eyes.

C’est La Vie Vintage Boutique

Designer-authentic vintage can be found at C’est La Vie Vintage Boutique, from Victorian to ’80s glamour. A vintage bridal collection and vintage lingerie provides one-of-a-kind style, and the selection extends to a colorful jewelry assortment plus home decor. (Currently online only.)