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9 Must-Visit Shops on Tucson’s Fourth Avenue

Up-cycled Tucson Memorabilia, decade-driven apparel, vintage décor and more

Just north of downtown is the eclectic neighborhood of storefronts and eateries on Fourth Avenue. Bustling with artistic exuberance, modish style is found anywhere from the ornamented outside building art to the handmade jewelry and funky décor sold inside shops. A blend of upcycled wall art, Southwestern gifts, vintage collections, curiosities and hippie-era novelties are spotted through locally owned store windows, and twice a year more than 400 artists gather to display and sell their work in outdoor booths during the 4th Avenue Street Fair. Spend an afternoon bouncing door-to-door through the avenue and leave enlightened by the city’s charm, artistic nature and maybe a treasure or two in hand.    


Scrap metal is pieced together to create robot piggybanks at Pop-Cycle (©Mochi Gregurich).

Try as you might upon entering, taking in all that is Pop-Cycle requires a slow stroll with eyes peeled to every nook and cranny. Though work by nearly 100 artists is on display, the shop’s theme is never lost—a fused-materials gift shop paying homage to Tucson and the West. Mix-and-match license plates spell out words and phrases, bind notebooks and act as lampshades; map-framed coasters, vintage lunchboxes, Arizona-themed wall hangers and decorative mirrors are among other whimsical items sold. 

Rustic Candle Company

Witness the pouring of scented pillar candles right inside Rustic Candle Company and breathe in the aromas while browsing hand-crafted candles, decorative wall holders and trays to take home. Quirky seasonal candleholders and incense are also sold. 


Flowing casual wear, lacy knits and patterns, often in darker colors, are stylized with delicate statement pieces inside this women’s clothing boutique. Discounted finds are a not-too-uncommon occurrence at Creations, and check out its second, smaller location on East Speedway Boulevard. 

Antigone Books

Antigone Books
The outside of solar-powered Antigone Books (©Antigone Books)

Much more than just books at Antigone Books: Beyond the (often unconventionally) categorized bookshelves, find vintage items, nutty greeting cards, gag gifts and oddities. Author meet-and-greets are often held inside the solar-powered, independent bookstore.

Hippie Gypsy

Hippie Gypsy
The exterior of Hippie Gypsy (©Randy Prentice)

Inside the art-covered exterior of Hippie Gypsy—a standard stopping point to photograph for many—is wall-to-wall hippie wear and accessories spanning past decades along with many smoke essentials. 

Razorz Edge

This rock ’n’ roll-themed apparel and accessories shop for men and women was born from the owners’ love of fashion and underground subcultures. Vintage lunchboxes, checkered dresses, a variety of fan t-shirts and accessories are found inside Razorz Edge

Del Sol

American Indian pottery and jewelry, hand-woven rugs, wall décor and apparel are among the hundreds of gift items and take-home trinkets that make up the Southwestern-inspired shopping emporium of Del Sol

Silver Sea

Silver Sea
Silver Sea jewelry shop (©Silver Sea)

From beadwork to silver, the jewelry featured here is both locally made and internationally imported—and both traditional and elaborate in style. The shop is owned and operated by a working jewelry artist. 

How Sweet it Was

At How Sweet it Was Vintage, the oldies music playing in the background often fits the selection of vintage wear, occasionally separated by era. Collections range from men's ’80s short shorts and bowling league shirts, to Japanese dresses, Cleopatra-style attire, an impressive cowboy boot assortment and a vintage baby-wear section. 

Nowhere to Land

Owners of this small, just-off-4th-Avenue shop were wanders themselves before landing in Tucson. They hunt for the antique and vintage treasures that are displayed along the shop's shelves in hopes of finding a place for each exceptional piece to land. Step inside Nowhere to Land and you may find a vintage typewriter or camera in pristine condition among other 50’s, 60’s and 70’s items.