Travel Essentials

Veteran traveller Tim Parker, CEO of Samsonite, shares with us his top travelling tips.

Always pack your running gear with you, it’s important to do something active while travelling especially if you are travelling for business. Running is the cheapest option and it gets you outside, taking exercise on the go is essential and it’s a great way to discover a city’s architecture.

When packing always pack a super slim toiletry bag, ideally a flat one allowing you to easily slip it in your bag without creating bulk.

Count essentials, based on the number of days you will be travelling, count how many pairs of socks and underwear you will need so as to not overpack.

Always place trousers at the bottom of your luggage and alternate shirts, placing them top to bottom so as to minimize any creasing and always fold a jacket around something, such as a t-shirt or shirt to avoid creases.

Once you check-in at your hotel unpack and place your shirts and jackets on hangers, and for a free steam clean hang them in the shower and turn on the hot water and voila!