Kara Lynn's Kitchen

Embrace the return to healthful eating with a paleo-centric menu of delicious entrees, soups and salads, quiches, kid-friendly meals and desserts. Discover why Kara Lynn's has such a loyal following and enjoy food that tastes like it was made at home from scratch in your grandma’s kitchen.

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At Kara Lynn’s Kitchen, we make everything from scratch…everyday.

We source our food from those enterprises, large and small, who consciously have made the effort to provide the quality of food our grand-parents and great-grandparents grew up on.

As a grain-free/gluten-free kitchen we focus on creating high nutrient non-toxic food that nourishes the body. We are all about Non-GMO’s, organic & Clean 15, no refined sugars, and grass-fed, pastured, free-range and wild caught meats and seafood.

We use a filtered water system for all of our meal preparations, our infused waters, coffees and teas, and our complimentary drinking water for our customers.

With the best ingredients available, our Chef creates healthy nutritious offerings that satisfy and fulfill the culinary expectations of our customers.  For those with food sensitivities or restrictions, we do our best to meet your needs where possible…and always with the end goal of creating a delicious dining experience for all.

We want every customer to feel like they just had a homemade dinner in their favorite kitchen…where the first bite brings a smile to the face and plates come back clean. 

If you are a lover of real food, visit us at Kara Lynn’s kitchen…where nutritious meets delicious.

421 Cleveland St.
Clearwater, FL 33756
United States

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