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Diners, Drive-ins and Dives: The Tampa Bay Tour

Don't miss the eats at these nine Tampa and St. Petersburg-area restaurants favored by Guy Fieri.

Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives has been on the air for more than a decade, debuting its first episode in April 2007. In that time, host Guy Fieri—affectionately known as the "Mayor of Flavortown" has visited countless seafood shacks, meat markets, steakhouses, breweries and Cali-style sensations—and at least one taco bus. Fieri made his first visit to the Tampa area in November 2007; his latest was in July 2017. Pull up a seat at the eateries deemed worthy by the culinary superstar. 

Keegan's Seafood Grille

Season 2, Episode 6 (2007)

In an episode named "Seaside Eats," Fieri feasted on fresh octopus done up Mediterranean style at this locals' favorite that's been open since 1985. The casual, family-friendly restaurant is a regular people's choice award-winner for best lunch on Indian Rocks Beach. A number of conch, amberjack, crab and grouper dishes are found on the lengthy menu. 

Alpine Steakhouse 

Season 2, Episode 7 (2007)

Fieri was talkin' turkey—and chicken and duck—when he headed for Sarasota and this family-owned restaurant famous for its turducken. Alpine Steakhouse is only place to find fresh turducken in all of Florida; there are three layers of stuffing between each bird, which is topped with Andouille sausage made in-house and fresh-roasted bell peppers. Other delights on the menu include prime dry-aged steaks, fresh seafood, lamb, traditional German specialties and Kobe beef burgers.

Ted Peters Famous Smoked FIsh
The Peters family has been smoking fish since 1945. (©Lara Cerri, Visit Florida/Flickr)

Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish

Season 2, Episode 8 (2007)

When Triple D viewers got to weigh in Fieri's destinations, this smokehouse was at the top of the list in Florida. Here, raw fish are laid on racks atop red oak—Florida's answer to hickory—and cooked from four to six hours. It all began in 1945, when Ted Peters salvaged an old smoker and put it roadside so passersby would be tempted by the smell of smoking fish. It's remained a family business, having spanned five generations of Peters'.

California Tacos to Go

Season 12, Episode 2 (2011)

Fieri never seems to get enough of the California-style taco, and he found his perfect fish iteration at this eatery that dishes up San Diego-style Mexican cuisine. The original grouper fish taco is made tempura battered and quick fried, then topped with spicy white chile sauce, pico de gallo and shredded cabbage. Diners can also nosh on Cali fries, rolled tacos (buffalo-style and regular) and the Godzilla burrito, which weighs in at two pounds.


Season 12, Episode 4 (2011)

A St. Petersburg flavorhouse famous for food "like mama used to make," diners flock to Munch's for its barbecue, burgers, fried chicken and fried green tomatoes. The restaurant appeared on Fieri's "Grillin' and Smokin'" show that was all about the 'que—Fieri's favorites here were the Texas hash and the creamed, chipped beef. Breakfast and lunch specials are a daily occurrence.

Tampa Bay Brewing Company
Tampa Bay Brewing Company is one of Florida's largest independent breweries. (©Visit Florida)

Tampa Bay Brewing Company

Season 12, Episode 7 (2011)

Tampa Bay's Gulf—or Gulp—Coast is home to the highest concentration of breweries in the state. Fieri visited the family-owned Tampa Bay Brewing Company on a trip to the bay's historic district and bellied up to dishes infused with brews. Tops on his list? The crispy hot wings with Red Eye Ale cider sauce and the Thai curry mussels with Wild Warthog Weizen. Find a dozen house beers on tap.

Taco Bus

Season 12, Episode 11 (2011)

All aboard the bus to Flavortown—the Taco Bus, that is. Twenty years before the food truck trend found its wheels, this 35-foot former school bus rolled into Tampa, treating diners to Mexican flavors such as cochinita pibil (marinated, shredded pork), chipotle chicken and roasted poblano peppers with cheese. Fieri, who favored the tortas and tostadas, proclaimed them "out of bounds."

Danny's All-American Diner
Baseball and great eats are tops at Danny's. (©Scott Audette, Visit Florida/Flickr)

Danny's All-American Diner

Season 13, Episode 2 (2011)

Food and sports unite at this baseball-themed diner. Standouts include the Home Run chili cheeseburger and the Cuban sandwich, made with slow-roasted pulled pork, Genoa salami, Virginia baked ham and capicolla. Fieri even got into the fun and created his own burger—Guy Fieri's Triple D Triple Play—with Mojo pork, pastrami, Swiss and American cheeses and fried onion rings. 

Buya Ramen

Season 27, Episode 7 (2017)

Japanese-style whiskey and hearty ramen bowls lured Fieri to this gastropub. The crispy duck ramen and blistered shishito peppers—with sesame, brown sugar and smoked sea salt—were Flavortown favorites. The creative cocktail menu includes selections such as the Shroom of Doom (shitake-infused gin, giffard apricot and hopped grapefruit bitters) and Safe Zone (sesame-washed bourbon, sorghum, orange bitters and cherry bark vanilla bitters). 

Editor's note: The show also visited Jose's Real Cuban Food in Bradenton—the restaurant has since closed.