Casa del Arbol Baños Ecuador Swing

Do you have what it takes to swing 8,500 feet above an abyss? (©Rinaldo Wurglitsch/Flickr, Creative Commons)

Take a Turn on This Edge of the World Swingset

By Jennifer McKee on 06/14/17, updated 06/16/17

Talk about a favorite childhood pastime remade with the thrill-seeker in mind. Baños, Ecuador is home to The Swing at the End of the World, where the steel-nerved can dangle 8,500 feet above sea level on a simple wooden swing. 

The swing is rigged at Casa del Arbol, a seismic monitoring station that tracks the activity of the Tungurahua Volcano, the swingers' main vantage point. Riders pump themselves over the edge of a precipice and are rewarded with stunning views of the mountainside and the abyss. 

It's at the end of a 45-minute trailhead in Baños, which takes hikers to the Bellavista lookout point.