Exploring the Street Art of Sydney's Inner-West Neighbourhood

Sydney's inner-west is filled with art everywhere you turn.

It’s a dreary rainy Saturday in Sydney when I head out for a morning of exploring the streets of the inner-west. I am embarking on a street art walking tour with Culture Scouts, a cultural walking tours company who offer expeditions throughout Sydney’s funky inner-city suburbs.

Sticker art in Sydney

By the time I arrive to meet my guide Oliver, the sun is out again and it looks set to be perfect weather for roaming the suburbs of Newtown and Enmore. We are guided through the back streets to discover a whole world of street art and graffiti. As we twist and turn down the alleys and laneways, I see astonishing works of creativity that I would never have found by myself.

A fantastical sharp toothed creature by JUMBO

With varying styles and messages, the artworks span from small-scale sculptures such as a shoe by Will Coles, to giant murals spanning entire walls like JUMBO’s sharp-toothed creatures on the side of the Jivamuktiyoga Sydney yoga studio, to artwork several metres high, like Fintan Magee’s work on the Urban Newtown on Enmore Road.

 Fintan Magee's epic work on Enmore Road

With the ever-changing nature of street art, you never know which works will stay and which will get painted over. If you are lucky, like my tour was, you might even see art in action—we stumbled upon some artists doing their thing in a back street laneway.

After all that walking, the tour winds up with a trip to local brewery Young Henrys for a refreshing beverage and chinwag about the extraordinary art we had just seen.

Surprising artworks are around every corner

Gallery: More Street Art of the Inner-West

Exploring the street art of Sydney's inner-west with Culture Scouts (©Roshan Sukhla)

Oliver from Culture Scouts next to a sculpture by Will Coles (©Roshan Sukhla)

(©Roshan Sukhla)

(©Roshan Sukhla)

(©Roshan Sukhla)

(©Roshan Sukhla)