Time For (Bubble) Tea

Where to find Sydney's best and most beautiful bubble teas.

Milky, fruity, chewy, nice or naughty. The great thing about bubble tea—the highly photographic Asian drink trend that has made its mark in Sydney—is that you can have it any way you like it. However you choose to drink it, these are the best places to get bubble tea in Sydney.

Bubble Nini

Bubble Nini, Sydney.

Without a doubt, Bubble Nini makes some of the prettiest bubble teas in the city. Picturesque concoctions include a purple-hued butterfly pea flower tea with floating wedges of lemon and lime; strawberry milk tea with fresh strawberry purée and strawberry pearls; and a creamy blend of earthy purple rice and yoghurt.

No Fail

No Fail, Sydney.

In addition to the usual fresh fruit and milk teas, Sydney favourite No Fail has an impressive menu of cheese milk teas, brulée milk teas and bubble teas topped with creamy layers of cheese foam. The menu changes seasonally, meaning you’ll find everything from orange yoghurt tea in winter to cooling beverages laden with fresh mango in summer. 


BeauTea, Sydney.

There are no bells and whistles at BeauTea, just traditional tea flavours made using fresh, natural ingredients. Bubble teas here are hand-shaken and blended using “secret” recipes with an aim to let the delicate aromas of oolong, green and black tea varieties shine.