Da Long Yi Sydney

It's not often that a dish comes out looking like it’s red-carpet ready. While the substance of Da Long Yi Hot Pot’s menu is an authentic nod to the flavours of Sichuan hot pot cuisine, there’s an added dose of theatricality that makes it unlike any other dining experience we can think of. Take, for example, their dish of rare, fatty meat that comes wrapped around a Barbie doll to resemble the iconic meat dress that Lady Gaga wore to 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. This dish is one of the many that come out, designed to share and dip into one of the eight hot pot soup flavours. As well as noodle, vegetable, pork, beef and lamb, Da Long Yi represents the offal flavours more traditional to hot pot, such as fresh beef aorta, pork brain and boneless duck feet.


Shop 71
Sydney NSW 2000