Dionaea muscipula with march fly prey DroseraceaePlants with Bite by Greg Bourke.

Plants with Bite at The Calyx

The Calyx at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney.
10/1/18 to 2/1/19

In planning for over 18 months is the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney’s latest exhibition at The Calyx, Plants with Bite. It will feature the beautiful but deadly carnivorous plants of the world including the snapping “Venus Fly Trap”, “Pitcher Plants” waiting to drown their prey and the dainty Drosera waiting to grab a bite to eat with ‘sticky fingers’. Sink your teeth into a free floral display on carnivorous plants, alongside a series of  educational and spooky ‘feeding days’ for kids, events to tantalise all your senses and of course, the creepy and cunning, carnivorous plants that will satisfy your hunger for learning about the floral food chain.