Graffiti Nature at "Future Park". (Courtesy Powerhouse Museum)

Future Park

Powerhouse Museum, 500 Harris Street, Ultimo.
11/24/17 to 4/30/18

“Future Park” is the latest exhibition by Japanese art collective teamLab. Featuring eight interactive light installations in their Australian premiere, “Future Park” is on at the Powerhouse Museum. “Future Park” is a playground for children and adults alike that brings together science and imagination to create collaborative artworks that change and evolve each day. Visitors will be swept into jungles of dreamt-up forests, compose symphonies, build cities and invent animals and people of the future. Make music with “Light Ball Orchestra” as balls small and large, suspended and rolling, connect with each other to create a live composition. This ever-changing symphony is combined with a light show as the balls change colour as they interact.