Ask the Expert: Tips for a Stunning September With David Luff

David Luff, chief concierge from Westin Sydney, and President of Les Clefs d'Or Australia, offers his top tips for exploring Sydney during September 2018.

Describe your perfect Sydney day.
A perfect day in Sydney for me is based around my favourite passions—great food, craft beers and sports! I like to head over and have breakfast at Bills in Surry Hills, then I’d take a walk through the city and gardens, stopping for lunch at the Botanic Gardens Restaurant. I’d then slowly make my way back through some of Sydney’s best craft beer bars. I then like to finish off my day by watching Sydney FC (hopefully with a win!).

What is your favourite walk for stunning views of Sydney? 
The walk around Watsons Bay and the South Head Trail offers spectacular views of Sydney. However, my favourite walk would have to be the Jibbon Head Circuit down around Bundeena with highlights of Wedding Cake Rock and the Figure 8 pools.

Head to The Grounds of the City for some great coffee!

Sydney is known for its great coffee; do you have a favourite cafe? 
The trouble is just narrowing it down to one great café! The Grounds of the City is an amazing spot for a cup of coffee and a catch up in the city, they offer an unbeatable selection with a great atmosphere. Although my favourite quick take away option would have to be Brew in Harrington Street and Brooklands Coffee Co.

What do you think is the most beautiful or unique building in the city?
For me the most beautiful building in the city is where I get to spend most of my day! The Westin Sydney is housed in the historic General Post Office building and the juxtaposition of the modern architecture with the remarkable sandstone structure and wooden hallways provides a fascinating glimpse into Sydney’s history. 

What is your favourite thing to do at night in Sydney?

 I like to experience the new bars and restaurants that Sydney has to offer, however when I am not doing this I enjoy the night tour at the Sydney Observatory. I find it fascinating to gain a greater perspective of this small section of the universe.