All The Places to Eat, Drink and Play in Coogee

Find the best in Sydney's seaside village.

With its aquamarine beaches, white sand and open green spaces, Coogee has always been a magnet for those seeking the good life. This natural beauty has in turn attracted a booming restaurant and café culture, with myriad venues that capitalise on the breezy location and water views.


Nikki To.

Coogee Pavilion is a prime example of Coogee's easygoing beachside charm, with its combination of bright interiors, seafood-heavy menu and wrap-around balcony with panoramic sea views. A newcomer to the area, Osteria Coogee is a chic restaurant that channels the honesty and simplicity of homestyle Italian cooking. Meanwhile, Sugarcane Coogee evokes a Thai beach hut while serving up refined pan-Asian cuisine.


Steven Woodburn.

The atmosphere and hospitality of a European-style wine bar is redefined for a post-beach audience at Coogee Wine Room, a sprawling two-storey venue located just one block from the waterfront. Although the wine list is impressively comprehensive—with just over 400 bottles on offer—the venue remains intimate in feel. A staple of the area since 1873, Coogee Bay Hotel is the quintessential Coogee pub—and one of only two major establishments that face directly onto Coogee Beach. The venue has recently undergone a revamp, freshening up both its menu and its interiors without shedding any of its historic charm.


Coogee Beach.

Of course, no trip to Coogee would be complete without a lengthy sojourn to its most iconic site: Coogee Beach. This golden-sanded haven is one of Sydney's most popular beaches, offering ideal conditions for swimmers, surfers and sandy-footed picnickers alike. Just a few hundred metres south of Coogee Beach, Wylie's Baths—one of Australia's oldest ocean tidal pools—offers a more enclosed swimming experience, complete with a range of health and wellbeing facilities.