Where to Stay for Your Next Vacation, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Beach house
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Beach house
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Aquarius: Private Beach House

Aquariuses tend to be introverted, intelligent and easily bored, making a private beach house accommodation a must. Whether booking on Airbnb or finding listings on Luxury Retreats, aquariuses can enjoy meditating to the sound of the beach waves. When boredom strikes take a dip in the ocean, read a good e-book or complete puzzle under the sun.

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Cruise ship cabin
Courtesy Royal Caribbean
Pisces: Cruise Line Suite

All things water are Pisces' focus in 2018, so surround yourself with it. Book a stay on a cruise line and make sure you get a room with a balcony for those ocean views. Rooms like the one above are available on Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas or Carnival's Carnival Vista.

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Colorful bedroom
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Aries: Hostel Stay

Aries are individuals of high aspirations, generosity and leadership which is why they tend to look past luxuries of hotels and book a cost-friendly hostels abroad. Before heading to the hostel at night, Aries can be found spending time helping the less fortunate in the community, learning new skills and practicing mindfulness. You can book your hostel at Hostel World or Hostel Bookers.

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Cabin in the mountains
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Taurus: Cabin Adventures

If you're a Taurus, 2018 is the year to break out of your comfort zone. Maybe venture to Talkeetna in Alaska, where you can rent a lakeside cabin and go fishing, kayaking and hiking. Head to Estes Park in the Rocky Mountains and take up horseback riding, zip lining or white water rafting. Your ambitious personality will keep you pushing through and trying new things.

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Outdoor resort
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Gemini: Luxury Resort

The chatterboxes of the bunch, Gemini need accommodations that allow for networking and making new friends. Luxury resorts have it all: cocktail hours, poolside conversations and spa treatments. Geminis would love Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort and Spa in Palm Springs, California, or the Kimpton Amara Resort and Spa in Sedona, Arizona.

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Bed and breakfast
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Cancer: Bed and Breakfast or Boutique Hotel

As lovers of good meals, art, at-home hobbies and spending time with loved-ones, Cancers' best bet is a cozy bed and breakfast. Washington D.C.'s Embassy Circle Guest House is one option with elegant furnishings and free buffet breakfast (organic options are available). Zero George in Charleston, South Carolina, is another potential spot, filled with timeless design and classic beauty.

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Exterior of cottage
Capricorn: Cozy Cottage

Intuitive, passionate, romantic and intelligent—Capricorns will find peace and comfort in a cottage. Cottages are perfect for creatives who indulge in painting, writing and reading. Book with Surf Side Cottages and Condominiums in Cape Cod, or check out the Gardens Hotel in Key West, Florida. Gardens Hotel has large romantic cottages surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens, it's one Capricorns can't get enough of.

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Modern home decor
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Leo: Home Exchange

Leos are bold, ambitious, energetic and optimistic, which makes a home exchange the right fit for their travel accommodations. Leos can easily find themselves at home in someone else's space and would jump at the opportunity to join this authentic, unique travel community. If you're up for the challenge, try International Home Exchange.

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Virgo: Hotel With Architectural Design

Virgos are organized and inspired by beauty, so book at a expertly designed hotel. Virgos won't take the architectural work of art for granted, and they'll find the smallest details pleasing to the eye. Austin, Texas' Kimber Modern offers unparalleled design and leaves guests renewed and refreshed. There's also the Tree House hotel in Sweden. Some of its rooms are literally in trees and the "Mirrorcube" room—a cube-shaped room that reflects the trees—will blow you away.

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Apartment with baclony
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Libra: Hotel With Balcony Views

Libras love a life that "looks good" and are often described as being "up in the clouds," so accommodations must be made with a balcony view in mind. Whether booking at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, which oversees the Manhattan skyline, or a hotel like W Fort Lauderdale that overlooks the ocean, Libras are happiest when seeing all points of view.

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Exterior of the guest house
Courtesy Rehobouth Guest House
Scorpio: Guest House

Passionate and alluring, Scorpios should opt to the romantic lodging of a guest house. These homes are private and cozy, a perfect fit for Scorpio personalities. Rehoboth Guest House in Delaware is charming, stylishly decorated, beachy and for adults only so Scorpios can get in touch with their seductive nature.

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Apartment interior
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Sagittarius: Couch Surfing

The Sagittarius is the traveler of the zodiac; they embrace change and are always on the move. Sagittariuses can't be kept in a single hotel, cabin or beach house. They'll be moving couch to couch each night, wandering far and wide. One resource to use is Couch Surfing to get involved with this community.

By Jasmyn Snipes Louis

From bed and breakfasts, condos and cabins to hostels and luxury resorts, here's where you should stay in 2018 according to your Zodiac sign. 

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