Test Your Travel Savvy: Skylines of the World

Can you recognize these global cities by their skylines? Take the quiz.

Every global city has its own style and signature element. Rome has St. Peter’s Basilica, Seattle has the Space Needle, Dallas has the Reunion Tower observation platform (and the city’s skyline was named the prettiest in a recent USA Today poll).

How well do you know the cities of the world? Take our quiz and try to identify the city behind these iconic skylines. You’ll find the answer key at the bottom and a scoring table to tell you how well you did.

Scroll down to find the answers.









1. Tokyo; 2. London; 3. Shanghai; 4. Hong Kong; 5. Moscow; 6. New York; 7. Sydney; 8. Dubai; 9. Kuala Lumpur; 10. San Francisco

Score Yourself:

1-3: Nice start, but pack your bags and get traveling.

4-5: Pretty good. Have you been to all of those yet?

5-7: A real world traveler, you’re suitcase probably has more miles than your car.

8-9: Very nicely done. Are you sure you’re not a travel agent or a globe-trotting business traveler?

10: It doesn’t get any better. We suspect you might be an urban business district architect.

(All photos ©Shutterstock)