Roam: Luxury Hostels Meet Coworking Spaces

This new coliving and coworking company's gotten positive reviews from high-level tech travelers around the world.

Signing a lease doesn’t have to mean staying in one spot anymore, thanks to a new company trying to redefine coworking and communal living.

Roam, a coliving company, offers monthly and yearly leases in coliving spaces; single rooms with private baths and have access to kitchens, coworking spaces, laundry and other shared rooms in one large, communal space. Breaking from traditional rentals, Roam gives users a chance to work and enjoy privacy but also interact with other travelers as much as desired.

Membership of $500 to $850 per week grants access to the network of coliving spaces in Miami, Tokyo, Bali, London and San Francisco; only the nights stayed on the property are charged, so there are no payments for unused nights. The luxury digs have high-speed Wi-Fi, include all utilities and access to the common spaces.

While the coworking aspect of Roam is widely utilized, there’s also a buzz of activities in the coliving spaces including pop-up dinners and events, classes and lectures. 

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All Images Courtesy Roam