Live Out Your 'Outlander' Dreams in a Scottish Castle

Create a bespoke, luxury experience of filming locations and grand dinners.

You don't have to time travel to live like a lord or lady in Scotland.

Fans of Starz's "Outlander" saga can now call the splendiferous Dundas Castle home while planning a bespoke tour of the series' filming locations. 

Living like nobility comes at a premium, however: stays at the authentic 18th-century castle start at $7,606 a night. 

Private concierges help guests create tailored packages that take them to filming locations such as Doune Castle—which acts as Castle Leoch in the series, Glencorse Old Kirk—the wedding location for Jamie and Claire—and Linlinthgow Palace, seen as Wentworth Prison. 

Dundas Castle in Scotland

The private estate has three main buildings with 17 bedrooms, a boathouse, spectacular staircases, fireplaces and a private squash court—guests have unfettered access to the castle and immediate grounds. Grand dinners take place in the castle's medieval stag chamber.

How you flit off to your engagements is up to you; options start at $7,687 for a luxury coach, $25,632 for a fleet of Range Rovers or $51,285 for a helicopter tour for up to 19 people.