13 Epic Sites for Late Autumn Camping

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fall foilage near a lake
©gabe popa/Flickr, Creative Commons
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Fall trees in texas
©Gerry Brush/Flickr, Creative Commons
Big Bend National Park, Texas

Known for its carving rivers and majestic canyons, this park offers beautiful landscape as far as the eye can see. Be sure to bring kayaks and canoes to fully enjoy all that the park has to offer.

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glamping hut under fall trees
©Butterfly Farm Sanctuary
Butterfly Farm Sanctuary: Canton, North Carolina

Try a night of glamping on this beautiful butterfly farm where you can fall asleep to the sound of the nearby creek. Heat is also available inside the tent for those extra-cold nights and vegetarians will appreciate this location, as cooking meat is restricted.

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creek under fall foilage
©Mike Roberts/Flickr, Creative Commons
Mount Riga State Park, Connecticut

Situated near Salisbury, Connecticut, be sure to bring layered clothes for the New England temperatures. Consider a hike to nearby Bear Mountain for breathtaking views of the Connecticut and Massachusetts countryside.

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manatee looking up
©Maegan Luckiesh/Unsplash
Blue Spring State Park, Florida

If you prefer warm weather, consider a fall camping trip in Florida; mid-November is when manatees begin to migrate to the area for warmer waters so bring the kids on a boat tour to watch these magnificent, gentle giants.

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apple orchard in the fall
©naturalflow/Flickr, Creative Commons
Peppermint Park, Massachusetts

Camp at Peppermint Park and go apple picking at nearby Bear Swamp Orchard in Massachusetts. The surrounding Berkshire Hills provide a beautiful amber-colored backdrop.

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Wakeboarding with a sunset
©Timthefinn/Wikimedia Commons
Navajo Lake State Park, New Mexico

Known for its namesake, camp here to enjoy the serene peaks and valleys of New Mexico. These campgrounds are also a haven for boaters with multiple marinas and boat docks. Fly-fishing on the lake is also a favorite of the locals.

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waterfall with fall trees
©R. McClenny/Wikimedia Commons
Cloudland Canyon State Park, Georgia

This Georgia state park offers cozy cottages, yurts and classic campsites to choose from. Hiking the trail to the secluded waterfall and caves is an absolute must.

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bench and fall leaves overlooking the bay
©Andreas Dress/Unsplash
First Landing State Park, Virginia

This national park is located right at the entrance of the Chesapeake Bay where the first Virginia settlers landed. Pack your most comfortable hiking boots as there are more than 2,700 acres of hiking trails to explore.

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amber fall trees by a lake
©gabe popa/Flickr, Creative Commons
Starved Rock State Park, Illinois

Explore the nature trails while admiring the vivid reds and golds of Illinois fall foliage less than two hours from Chicago. Wine lovers will want to stop at one of the nearby wineries for some local tastings.

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valley with fall foilage
©Ethan Gruber/Flickr, Creative Commons
Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

With the best colors of fall appearing here in late October, there's no better time to go camping at one of the country's most famous national parks. If you're an avid cyclist, you'll want to attend the bike festival that rides through the Shenandoah Valley annually in October.

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hidden waterfall
Ozark National Park, Arkansas

Arkansas often falls under the radar when it comes to beautiful landscapes, but this state isn't one you want to miss. Ozark National Park offers plenty of terrain and paths specifically for ATVs and dirtbikes—if you have one you'd be remiss to explore this park without it.

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golden aspens with evergreens
©psyberartist/Flickr, Creative Commons
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

The jaw-dropping mountain views are enough reasons to camp in the Rockies, but the contrast of evergreens and golden aspens is what brings people back in the fall. If you plan on hiking, try to visit early because the trails typically get busy when the leaves turn colors.

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yurt by the bay
©Treebones Resort
TreeBones Resort: Big Sur, California

The luxe-inclined campers will want to try glamping on the California coastline. The resort also offers the "Human Nest" and "Twig Hut" campsites where visitors share a room with Mother Nature.

By Tyler Carnahan on 11/09/2018

The leaves have turned vibrant colors, the crops have been harvested and the cool weather fills your lungs.

Camping is a popular way many people bond with Mother Nature and appreciate her great beauty. Camping during fall is also a great way to avoid those summer crowds. Relax by the campfire at these beautiful campsites and parks before the fall season comes to a close.