10 St. Louis Murals You Have to See

A quick tour of art on the wall and the neighborhoods where you can find them

Murals perform a valuable civic service: They turn blank walls into works of art that might celebrate the local culture, entertain, educate or inspire. Let's get going.

Six murals adorn walls along S. Broadway from the 6400 to the 7600 blocks. The imagery ranges from history to fantasy to artist Peat Wolleager’s giant “eyez," which you can see him develop

Artist Vesna Delevska, whose work can be found at Wood Icing Gallery, painted two of the Carondelet murals, including this impressive vision at 7518 S. Broadway.

 Vesna Delevska's mural at 7518 S. Broadway

Muralists Carey Seven and Joseph Schaeffer collaborated on this scene from the early days of Carondelet at 6721 S. Broadway.

 Carey Seven and Joseph Schaeffer mural at 6721 S. Broadway

Located along Manchester Avenue from Vandeventer to Kingshighway (there are two giant signs suspended over the street to let you know you’re here), The Grove  has emerged as a formidable entertainment district. One thing this neighborhood has plenty of is murals—at least one on every block. They run the gamut from pure decoration to cultural history, like the “St. Louis Wall of Fame,” depicting a constellation of St. Louis African American stars like Tina Turner, Chuck Berry and Nelly.

St. Louis Wall of Fame mural in The Grove

Artist Grace McCammond has created a number of murals in The Grove, including the "Groovin' in The Grove" mural (top) and the "Grove" mural, which includes imagery from Sweetie Pie's and the Gramophone.

The Grove mural in—you guessed it—The Grove

A quintet of St. Louis stars adorns the western wall of Vintage Vinyl (6610 Delmar Blvd.), one of St. Louis' best places to buy music. If you are looking at this mural, you’re in The Loop, St. Louis’ all-around most fun neighborhood, chock-a-block with iconoclastic retailers, art galleries, performance venues, cinema, bowling alley, and multi-cultural collection of restaurants.

Viva Saint Louis mural in The Loop

Grand Center is St. Louis’ art headquarters with an astonishing collection of performance venues and art institutions within a ten-block area. Decorating the wall between the Moto Museum and Triumph Grill (3419 Olive St.) is an interactive mural created by MOMO and Re+Public, available on this downloadable app.

Grand Center mural

Also in Grand Center, this mural by father-daughter team Bob and Liza Fishbone on the KDHX building celebrates "66 Reasons to Love St. Louis."

66 Reasons to Love St. Louis mural

To get the full effect of the spectacular mural that decorates the entire facade of the St. Louis City Center Hotel (400 S. 14th St.), you need to approach downtown from the south on 14th St. or from the west on I-64.

St. Louis City Center Hotel mural

Artist Joseph Albanese painted this mural in memory of Mike Brown, whose death in Ferguson at the hands of a white policeman sparked protests here and around the country. Natasha Harris, owner of Signature Screen Printing and on whose north St. Louis building the mural is painted, said she wanted "a statement with a positive effect." We can hope the discussions initiated by Mike Brown's death will have a positive effect on the relationship between the police and the communities they serve.

Mike Brown mural at 1902 N. Union Blvd.