What Is...St. Louis-Style Pizza?

Cracker-crisp crust, slices cut into squares, and a cheese-ish topping called Provel are the essentials

You may’ve heard some squabbling on the topic: hometowner Jon Hamm has famously defended its virtues frequently against crusty vitriol from late-night host Jimmy Kimmel. In essence, the “St. Louis-style” pizza sports: a crisp, cracker-thin crust; a heap of toppings that extends to the outer edges of said crust; a cheese-food product called Provel, invented here, that binds it all together; and in most cases, “slices” that are cut into small, hand-friendly squares. Now that you’ve read about it, you gotta taste one! Find it at:


This ubiquitous local shop (begun with a single South St. Louis shop in 1964) is the first word in our native pizza: dozens of area locations, most offering dining room or delivery service, mean “the square beyond compare” is probably right outside your door.


A delivery stronghold: from just five locations, their drivers manage to cover much of the city and the southern suburbs with hot, fresh, crispy pizza.

Guido’s Pizzeria & Tapas

The family-owned restaurant covers a lot of culinary ground, and their take on St. Louis-style pizza is worth a taste. One tweak on tradition we recommend: get the mixed cheeses (Provel + mozz).