The Hole Story: Five Don't-Miss St. Louis Donut Shops

Visit these St. Louis donut shops for breakfast or a sweet treat.

Fried dough—every culture has a version. In St. Louis, we're partial to our independent donut shops for a morning (ok, anytime) pick-me-up. Sample classics (for cash only) at World's Fair Donuts, family-owned for decades (and where your damage will still be tallied by hand, with a stubby pencil, on the back of a bakery bag.)

Get your Route 66 kicks with a cake donut from Donut Drive-In, or have the goodness brought to you at the Vincent Van Doughnut food truck (Twitter always knows where to find 'em!). Trend-conscious carb consumers can chow down on the doughssant creations at Nadoz, or get wacky with the varieties on the shelves at Strange Donuts.


Amanda Doyle
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