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Green Dining Alliance Restaurants in St. Louis Open for Takeout and Delivery

Celebrate Earth Day by visiting these sustainable establishments.

In order for a St. Louis neighborhood to become a Green Dining District in the city's Green Dining Alliance, at least 25 percent of its restaurants must follow environmentally-responsible practices. In celebration of Earth Day's 50th anniversary, we've rounded up the green dining destinations in St. Louis' three GDDs, as well as eco-friendly options from other popular neighborhoods. 


Maplewood was St. Louis' first Green Dining District. The walkable community's plan is dedicated to including local artisans and eateries. Restaurants that are currently open for takeout and delivery are noted here, but you can consult this dining district map for additional restaurants to visit when Maplewood's establishments reopen. 

Bolyard's Meat and Provisions St. Louis
Bolyard's Meat and Provisions (©Bolyard's Meat and Provisions)

Bolyard's Meat and Provisions

A five-star GDA restaurant, Bolyard's receives high marks for water conservation, awareness and sourcing from small Midwestern farms, where animals are able to roam. Its items are available for contact-free pickup; visit the website to see the menu, then call to place an order.

The Living Room St. Louis
The Living Room (©The Living Room)

The Living Room

Family-owned The Living Room is a sustainable coffee shop, roastery and bakery. It receives five stars from the GDA for awareness, sourcing and recycling and waste reduction. It uses only local and pasture-raised milk, eggs and animal products in its offerings. Carryout orders with touchless curbside pickup is available; the full menu is available online and over the phone.

Great Harvest Bread Company Kirkwood St. Louis
Great Harvest Bread Company in Kirkwood (©Great Harvest Bread Company)

Great Harvest Bread Company

Conserving water, creating awareness and eliminating waste are a few of the things Great Harvest Bread Company does best. It mills its own flour, composts and donates its extra bread to food pantries. Choose from walk-in (no more than five customers at a time) or delivery service. Curbside service is also available at the Kirkwood location.

The Loop

The Loop worked long and hard to become St. Louis' second Green Dining District, striving to phase out Styrofoam, conserve water and increase energy-efficient lighting. In addition, many members of the community donate their time to recycling efforts. Check out this list of the GDA's Loop-specific restaurants.

Meshugahh Cafe
Meshugahh Cafe (©Meshugahh Cafe)

Meshugahh Cafe

The first restaurant to become part of The Loop's GDD was Meshugahh Cafe. Sourcing local product, whether it be coffee, beer or artwork, is part of its mission, and the cool vibe is one of St. Louis' most eclectic. Call or stop in to place a to-go order.

Three Kings Public House The Loop St. Louis
Three Kings Public House (©Three Kings Public House)

Three Kings Public House

Three Kings' pub food stands out thanks to its locally sourced produce and beer (more than half are local selections). It's a go-to spot for vegans and vegatarians; all orders can be picked up via contactless options. You can also help support the community by donating a meal to St. Louis heroes who are working on the frontlines every day—simply add a donation amount when ordering online or by phone.

Salt+Smoke St. Louis
Salt + Smoke (©Salt + Smoke)

Salt + Smoke

Salt + Smoke hits all the high marks when it comes to green dining: water conservation, energy conservation, sourcing, recycling and waste reduction—they're all top of mind here. But don't forget about the product: barbecue pork, grass-fed beef, pastured Amish chicken and vegetarian falafel burgers are but a few of its delights. Family meals and regular menu options are available for delivery and takeout.

Mission Taco Joint St. Louis
Mission Taco Joint (©Mission Taco Joint)

Mission Taco Joint

A leader when it comes to sustainable Mexican food in St. Louis, Mission Taco Joint offers up compostable straws and water only when guests ask for them, makes its tortillas in-house and takes care to ensure hard-to-recycle items don't end up in landfills. The Loop, Soulard, St. Charles and KC-South Plaza locations are open for curbside pickup and delivery. Taco kits and to-go drinks are available in addition to regular menu items.

South Grand

South Grand is St. Louis' newest Green Dining District. It diverts 14,719 tons of material per month away from the landfill through recycling and composting efforts and works toward reducing its carbon emissions 28 percent by 2025. Many restaurants in South Grand offer a variety of plant-based foods. 

Pizza Head St. Louis
Pizza Head (©Pizza Head)

Pizza Head

The all-vegetarian Pizza Head serves up New York-style pizzas, bagels and local beer. Meals can easily be made vegan, and even the boxes are recyclable. Online ordering begins at 7 am Tue-Sun and runs until 7:30 pm, unless Pizza Head sells out of product beforehand.

Mangia Italiano St. Louis
Mangia Italiano (©Mangia Italiano)

Mangia Italiano

Mangia Italiano has been part of the South Grand neighborhood for more than 36 years. It's lauded for sourcing local ingredients as well as for its entirely repurposed decor. Everything here is made from scratch, and the restaurant minimizes food waste by making stock out of its vegetable ends and croutons out of its bread ends. It's now open for carryout and delivery.

Rooster South Grand St. Louis
Rooster in South Grand (©Rooster)


Eco-friendly, comfortable and bright, Rooster is a go-to brunch spot in St. Louis. Both its South Grand and Downtown locations get only the highest praise for water and energy conservation, awareness, sourcing and recycling and waste reduction. Order online for takeout. 

For additional GDA restaurants we love that are outside of the designated dining districts, read on.


Pastaria St. Louis
Pastaria (©Pastaria)


Gerard Craft's Pastaria is gem among Clayton's dining establishments. It's a master at sourcing local ingredients, and cuts down on food waste by making its own pepperoni and Canadian bacon. It also makes its own pasta from 100 percent organic semolina. Order online or by phone for pickup.  

Creve Coeur

Bombay Food Junkies St. Louis
Bombay Food Junkies (©Bombay Food Junkies)

Bombay Food Junkies

Looking for 100 percent plant-based, Bombay-style street food? This restaurant has what you crave. Because it's completely plant based, it's carbon footprint is much less than the average restaurant. When ordering online (for pickup only) you can help feed a healthcare worker with an additional donation.


Baileys' Range St. Louis
Baileys' Range (©Baileys' Range)

Baileys' Restaurants—including Downtown's Baileys' Range and Bridge Tap House and Wine Bar—are currently closed, but its online ordering service is producing grocery boxes and favorites from this family of restaurants. Their establishments are known for their commitment to local sourcing, energy and water conservation, waste reduction and more. 

Forest Park

PuraVegan Cafe & Yoga
PuraVegan Cafe (©PuraVegan Cafe)

PuraVegan Cafe & Yoga

PuraVegan is dedicated to health and wellness, with special vegan and smoothie menus and lots of gluten-free options. Recycling and reducing packaging waste is top of mind here. Do your online ordering here

The Grove

Confluence Kombucha St. Louis
Confluence Kombucha (©Confluence Kombucha)

Confluence Kombucha

Food waste is not an issue at Confluence Kombucha, where food scraps see second life as pickles, condiments and garnishes. Neither is taste; the house-made kombucha is crafted from the flavors of the season. Here's where you can order online.

The Hill 

Guido’s Pizzeria & Tapas
Guido’s Pizzeria & Tapas (©Guido’s Pizzeria & Tapas)

Guido's Pizzeria & Tapas

The Hill's first GDA-certified restaurant, Guido’s Pizzeria & Tapas excels in energy conservation, composting and waste reduction. Its huge backyard garden provides greens, herbs and tomatoes to its kitchen. Curbside pickup and delivery is available.

Lafayette Square

Clementine's Nice & Naughty Creamery St. Louis
Will you be nice or naughty today? Either way, Clementine's has you covered. (©Clementine's Nice & Naughty Creamery)

Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Creamery

Right now, we're all screaming for ice cream. And Clementine's obliges. The creamery prides itself on using local ingredients, use nothing artificial and create everything from scratch—even its candies and sauces. Local and nationwide delivery is available.

Webster Groves

Big Sky Cafe St. Louis
Big Sky Cafe (©Big Sky Cafe)

Big Sky Café

Sustainability is part of the culture at Big Sky Café. Almost everything here is locally sourced, and if every part of an ingredient cannot be used, it is composed. Repurposing items, such as wine bottles for water decanters, is also second nature here. Go online to place an order for curbside pickup.

West County

Wolf Cafe St. Louis
The Wolf Cafe (©The Wolf Cafe)

The Wolf Cafe

In addition to composting all of its own waste, The Wolf Cafe purchases compostable items that would otherwise be destined for the landfill to compost with its own leftovers. Its known for combining simple recipes with high-quality ingredients. Order online or call it in, then use the restaurant's contactless pickup.


Visit the Green Dining Alliance for more information and a complete list of partner restaurants.