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8 Things We Love About St. George Street in St. Augustine (In Pictures)

From shopping to snacking and from sightseeing to taking in the local scene, St. George Street is the heart of St. Augustine.

Iconic streets are the lifeblood of a destination.

You take a stroll down Bourbon Street for a flavor of New Orleans, a jaunt down King Street for the Southern charm of Charleston and a walk down Newbury Street for Boston's refined sense of style.

In St. Augustine, St. George Street pulses through the historic core, exuding pride and personality. The narrow, pedestrian-only path stretches about four city blocks from the City Gate on Orange Street on the north end to Cathedral Place at the Plaza de la Constitucion on the South.

As you walk down this shaded, cobblestone street filled with shops, eateries and history, you begin to feel the heartbeat of the oldest city in the United States.