Sleep pods at Reykjavik's Galaxy Pod Hostel

Find futuristic sleep pods at Reykjavik's Galaxy Pod Hostel. (@Galaxy Pod Hostel)

Sleep in a Pod at These Boutique Hostels

By Jennifer McKee on 05/26/17

The newest sensation for frugal travelers, the boutique pod hostel, is popping up across the globe. It attracts those looking for luxury accommodations at a budget-friendly price, with sleeping pods that offer more privacy than ever before.

Singapore's Wink Hostel was the first to debut sleeping pods. Its stylish set-up features colorful LED lighting, sound-resistant walls, orthopedic mattresses and ports for charging your electronics. Ladies-only dorms are available, as are couples' pods that include a queen-sized bed. 

Also in Singapore, The Pod boutique capsule hostel is a chic space full of free amenities and numerous room types, such as front- and side-entry pods, queen- and single-pod suites and male- and female-only pods. 

The world's most futuristic pods can be found at Reykjavik's Galaxy Pod Hostel, with space-pod beds made with memory-foam mattresses.