Catwalks on Skywalks: Bizarre Fashion Show Destinations

Fashion show organizer Jessica Minh Anh is taking the runway to new heights

Fashion designers have always pushed the envelope with everything from outrageous styles to unusual runway shows. But one of the industry’s youngest entrepreneurs is planning a runway show for March 2014 that might be the most unusual one yet.

Jessica Minh Anh, a self-made global fashion show organizer, has hosted fashion shows at some of the world’s most iconic venues, including Dubai’s Costa Atlantica, the Grand Canyon Skywalk, and even London’s Tower Bridge. The upcoming J Spring Fashion Show, scheduled for March 5, 2014, intends to test the limits even more. Earlier this month, Anh announced the venue for this jaw-dropping show: The Skyway at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay.

As part of Singapore’s drive to lead Asian markets in environmental sustainability and landscape architecture, Gardens by the Bay features state-of-the-art skyscrapers and 16 story, tree-like structures called Supertrees. The Skyway running between two of the Supertrees will serve as Anh’s nearly 420-foot long runway in 2014.

The illuminating runway overlooking Singapore’s famed skyline should be a perfect backdrop for Anh’s show, which she says exhibits “a perfect balance between clean cut silhouettes and decorative details.” Previously, Anh has worked with such designers as Britain’s Paul Costelloe, Japan’s Yumi Katsura, Portugal’s bridal house Joana Montez and Patricia de Melo, among others, so the upcoming spring show is sure to be elegant yet surprising, in keeping with Anh’s fearless creativity.