Bora Bora by Drone: A Unique Look at this Tropical Paradise

It's to take a bad looking photo in Bora Bora. When using a drone, it's virtually impossible.

It’s hard to take an ugly video when visiting gorgeous Bora Bora.  Throw in an HD, state-of-the-art drone and it’s down right impossible. That’s exactly what newlyweds Paul and Allison Pearce of San Antonio, Texas, did. Allison bought Paul the drone as his wedding present and he was eager to bring it along. 

“I brought the drone because I knew there would be some amazing sights to see and I was definitely not disappointed," Paul said. "It was so much fun to fly across the lagoon but I kept my flights short and low as not to bother the other guests.”

Paul and Allison took full advantage of many activities the island has to offer. 

“We did something different almost every day," said Paul. "Everything from snorkeling, jet skiing around the island, ATV tours up in the countryside of the main island, stand up paddle boarding and much more. If you are going to Bora Bora make sure you get some time to swim with the sharks! It’s an amazing experience to be able to swim with these creatures that the vast majority of people in the world spend so much time fearing when they get in the ocean. It’s certainly an experience that will change how you look at these animals.”

Getting there: Flights from the continental US start around $2,000. You’ll most likely travel to Los Angeles, CA and from there to Papa’ete in French Polynesia before taking a 50-minute flight into Bora Bora.