Timeless in Seattle

What better memento to remember your time in Seattle, than a classic timepiece? Seattle’s local jewelers don’t just carry sparkling gems, they also stock some of the most exclusive, well-known luxury watches in the world.

Turgeon Raine
Among the wide collection of colored stones, diamonds and pearls, you’ll find the high-end watch line from Patek Philippe—a Swiss luxury watch designer since 1839. Turgeon Raine has one of the largest collections of these watches in the world, and is the only authorized dealer of Patek Philippe in the Northwest. 1407 5th Ave., 206.447.9488, turgeonraine.com

Ben Bridge
An official Rolex dealer, this downtown shop is known for its exceptional customer service. One of the leading names in luxury watches, a Rolex has been sign of prestige and timelessness for the last century. Plus, there is a myriad of different design options. 1432 Fourth Ave., 206.628.6800, benbridge.com

Fox’s Gem Shop
This jeweler has a remarkable collection of Swiss and German mechanical timepieces. In Washington, they are the only dealer of Bell & Ross watches. They'll make you into a watch collector after just one trip. 1341 5th Ave., 623.2528, foxsgemshop.com

Omega Watches
This pioneering brand has been around for six lunar landings and is a leader in sports timekeeping. In its flagship store at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, they sell their watches to discerning gentleman from all over the world. Even James Bond has been known to wear an Omega watch. 411 University St., 206.442.9300, omegawatches.com