5 Spots Worth a Look at Seattle's Pacific Place

This shopping center has a few notable surprises, from a brewery to cupcakes to boutiques.

Pacific Place, located between Sixth and Seventh avenues and Olive Way and Pine Street, has more inside than just the typical mall stores. It’s home to the Seattle location of Barneys New York and Tiffany & Co., but dig a little deeper with these local businesses:

The Handmade Showroom. (©Marlo Miyashiro)

The Handmade Showroom

One of the Pacific Place’s gems, the Handmade Showroom showcases hand-crafted gifts from Northwest artists, designers and small-batch creative companies. Peruse retail items such as an expansive jewlery section, greeting cards, mugs, artwork, a clothing section featuring the popular Punching Pandas corner and a kid’s department. Local Seattle artists include Capitol Hill Candle Co., Deviant Decor, Georgetown Pantry Supply and more.

Something Silver

Looking for a shiny souvenir? Something Silver started here in 1994 and now offers stores in four states. Inside, you’ll find men’s and women’s jewelry in a variety of styles and price points. Look for local Northwest artists like Kelley Reese, Dolcetti and Amy Bengston while shopping.

Vanilla Vanilla by Trophy Cupcake and Party
Trophy Cupcake's Vanilla Vanilla (Courtesy Trophy Cupcakes and Party)

Trophy Cupcakes

Another Seattle-based business, Trophy’s cupcakes are found on the third floor of Pacific Place. Flavors vary depending on the day and season and range from the expected, like Vanilla Vanilla, Triple Chocolate and Red Velvet, to the deliciously unusual, like Snickerdoodle, Neapolitan and Hummingbird. Trophy also has gluten-free cupcakes!

Gordon Biersch

Among the other restaurants on the top level of Pacific Place sits Gordon Biersch. And behind the restaurant’s bar, a brewery. Yes, on the top floor of Pacific Place. All of the beer served at this restaurant is brewed on-site, created by the award-winning brewmaster Kevin Davey and the team. The menu also features local ingredients whenever possible.

Sixth Avenue Wine Seller
Take a break from shopping to sip on some white wine at Sixth Avenue Wine Seller. (©Paul Aloe/Flickr)

Sixth Avenue Wine Seller

First, yes, there is a wine store in the shopping mall. Even better? It has a lovely bar where you can try a wine flight, have a glass or share a bottle with friends—along with a small plate or two. If you just want to shop, there is an excellent selection of both regional and international wines, plus wine accessories, chocolate and cigars.

And Finally ...

• Head to the third floor—there’s a skyway to Nordstrom! Avoid bad weather by using it to cross Sixth Avenue.

• Relax before a movie: The AMC theater on the top floor is a decent theater, and if you’re there early, relax with a beer or wine in the Tower Bar and Café. In addition to the expected showings, this theater also shows films that are part of the Seattle International Film Festival.

• Get directions, recommendations and more at the concierge desk on the main floor. The concierge can also arrange to deliver your purchases to your downtown hotel for free.