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Seattle's Craft Distillery Boom

Get in the spirit of the city with Seattle's craft distillery craze

Seattle’s recent craft distillery boom is yielding some very tasty results. The small batches created by these micro and nano-distilleries allow them to play with a wider variety of flavor, creating unique spirits for discerning palates. The local liquor-making scene is the current toast of Seattle, and we recommend stopping by their local tasting rooms to raise a glass.

2bar Spirits
Descended from five generations of a family who ranched their land under the 2bar brand, this distillery not only produces a bold and smooth vodka, but also a vibrant and sweet moonshine, made with corn from Washington’s heartland. 2bar nurtures the grains they use, all the way to your glass, and you can taste the difference. 2960 4th Ave S., 206.402.4342.

Bainbridge Organic Distillers
The ferry ride to Bainbridge Island is worth it to check out this family-run distillery that is producing the state’s first USDA Certified organic vodka, gin, and whiskey. Each batch is exceptionally pure—made without added flavor or color, and Bainbridge Distillers insists that the organic grains give the spirits bolder, deeper flavors. Bainbridge Island, 9727 Coppertop Loop NE, 206.842.3184.

Fremont Mischief Distillery
Located right on the canal in the Fremont neighborhood, Mischief makes their fine handcrafted spirits with local, organic heirloom grains, pure artesian water and an eco-conscious mindset. The 80 proof vodka is a popular choice, as is the John Jacob Rye Whiskey—made from the family’s own rye mash recipe. The Fremont Mischief Whiskey is aged in oak barrels for several years before it’s ready to sip. 132 N Canal St., 206.547.0838.

Letterpress Distilling
Skip Tognetti crafts his Washington-grown vodka—with the soft taste of vanilla and a crisp finish—with care and attention to detail. Growing up spending his summers in Rome though, it was limoncello that was most often sipped around the table. Skip’s limoncello has a pleasant, not overly sweet or tart lemon finish.  85 South Atlantic St, #110, 206.227.4522.

Oola Distillery
This Capitol Hill booze mill makes small batches of gin, vodka—including infused vodkas—and bourbon whiskey. The chili pepper vodka, made from peppers grown in Yakima, is a stunning fiery orange color, while the citrus vodka has a subtle lemon and lime taste. Try the herbaceous rosemary vodka for something a little different. 1314 E Union St., 206.709.7909.

Sound Spirits
Sound Spirits’ Ebb + Flow vodka and gin were the first craft spirits to be distilled in Seattle since the Prohibition era. Since then, they’ve added other unique liquors like Aquavit, a traditional Scandinavian spirit with dill, coriander, fennel, and anise, and The Vow of Silence, a complex herbal liqueur made from a centuries-old French recipe. Take one of their tours to learn all about the art of craft distilling. 1630 15th Ave W., 206.651.5166.

Sun Liquor Distillery
Located on Capitol Hill, this distillery is unique because it also functions as a bar and restaurant—one of the few in the nation. Their flagship Hedge Trimmer gin is made with nine fresh and dried botanicals, but if you’re looking for something even more robust, try the Gun Club Gin, a heavily spiced combination of 13 botanicals. The Unxld vodka is a popular choice as well. 514 E Pike St., 207.720.1600