Made-in-Seattle Outdoor Clothing

Seattle is known for its rugged, outdoorsy nature, and it’s been that way for a quite some time. Filson, an outfitter for outdoor enthusiasts, has been making practical, hard-wearing pieces here for more than 100 years. Founded in 1897, it’s now one of the last union factories in Seattle, continuing to turn out hand-built and hand-finished apparel and accessories. If you’re looking for clothing that will stand up to the toughest conditions out there in the wild, you’ll find it at Filson. There are heavy wools, rugged cottons, genuine leather, and all of them are both durable and comfortable. Whether you’re a fisherman, hunter, explorer, engineer or just a lover of the outdoors, apparel from Filson will last—and look good too. Plus, it’s authentically Seattle.

1741 First Ave. S, 206.622.3147,