Seattle's Must-Try Ramen Restaurants

Slurp up the city's hottest food trend.

Nothing is more comforting than soup on a chilly day, and one of this city’s hottest trends in slurping is ramen. Forget those packets of dried noodles from your student days; we’re talking steaming bowls of silky noodles in rich broth with filling proteins, such as tender slices of pork or a soft-boiled egg. It’s still a long way from eclipsing pho as Seattle’s favorite noodle soup, but ramen’s popularity is clear from the number of newly opened restaurants around town.

Capitol Hill is at the heart of the craze with four new spots opening up since summer 2017: Ooink, Tentenyu, Betsutenjin and Ramen Danbo joining the neighborhood’s already-established Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya.

Other notable noodle shops include Arashi Ramen in Ballard, Ramen Man in Wallingford, Hokkaido Ramen Santouka’s new University Village spot, and star chef Josh Henderson's Kiki Ramen in South Lake Union.

Our handy guide to to deciphering the menus at Seattle's favorite ramen restaurants.

Miso: Thick and rich, this broth is flavored with a savory soybean paste.

Shio: A clear yellow broth, often made from a chicken or fish base, with a salty flavor.

Shoyu: A popular option, typically made by simmering chicken bones with soy sauce and veggies.

Tonkotsu: An opaque, collagen-rich liquid made from pork hock and trotters.