3 Seattle Running Routes and Maps

Need some exercise? Here are three running loops around Seattle.

Confession: I wasn't a runner until I moved to Seattle. Growing up in Minnesota, outside wasn't a place I wanted to be. In the summer it was hot and humid (and mosquitoes LOVE me) and in the winter ... well, Minnesota winters are kind-of famous. But here, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, the weather is pretty darn close to perfect for running year-round. It just requires a raincoat in the winter months. Summer in Seattle, however, can't be beat. Whether you're a runner, a cyclist or just want to walk around, the sun is shining, the heat is bearable and there aren't very many insects. So while you're here, enjoy the weather, get out and explore. If you need an idea of where to go, here are a few of my best places to run in Seattle.

Discovery Park

Head to Magnolia for a great trail run at Discovery Park. Stay on the almost-3-mile loop trail to explore the woods and meadows, but make sure to stop and take in the spectacular views when you hit a clearing. Want to increase your milage? Run the loop twice—once clockwise and again the opposite way for variety. Be prepared: This is a hilly run.

Green Lake

Seattle's favorite running spot doesn't dissapoint. Green Lake has two loops: The inner, paved trail is 2.8 miles while the outer trail is 3.1 miles. This is one of the flattest runs in the city. Go early if you want to avoid crowds, or plan on stopping for coffee or lunch at one of the many restaurants on the east end of the lake.

Lake Union

One of the prettiest runs in the city, the Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop takes you past Lake Union Park, two drawbridges and more in 6 miles. On the east side of the lake, stay on Eastlake Ave. to see the neighborhood or run lakeside on Fairview Ave. for peek-a-boo views of houseboats. It's a mostly paved trail with flat stretches and a few hills.